After the Hurricane

Hur­ri­cane Irene did­n’t hit us too hard, but she still man­aged to do some damage.

The morn­ing after
Top­pled Corn — I just staked these up and they were good as new.
Toma­to Trellises
We woke up yes­ter­day morn­ing dread­ing the task of rebuild­ing our toma­to trel­lis­es (I think we’re going to go about sup­port­ing our toma­toes a lit­tle dif­fer­ent­ly next year, but that’s a top­ic for anoth­er blog post). I envi­sioned spend­ing the entire day cut­ting strings, dis­man­tling bro­ken pieces of wood and rip­ping out dead toma­to plants. How­ev­er, per­haps because our trel­lis­es are so delight­ful­ly wimpy, they all just fell over instead of break­ing, and so did the toma­to plants. All we had to do was stand them up and bang in met­al U‑posts to sup­port the uprights. We were also lucky enough to have TONS of help. My dad was there, my friend Gee­ta (who’s been help­ing us out a cou­ple days a week) showed up with her boyfriend, Sam, our oth­er ded­i­cat­ed vol­un­teer, Fan, also arrived to help, and my cousin Blake was in town. With so many hands, the toma­to trel­lis­es were raised in no time, and by 10 AM we were look­ing around for things to do!
Blake and Sam bang­ing in some U‑posts
An Old-Fash­ioned Trel­lis Raising
Wait­ing for U‑Posts (and eat­ing sun­gold tomatoes)


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