It’s March!

So, good news! Broody chick­en rehab in the rab­bit hutch­es worked! I released the two hens back into the coop last Mon­day morn­ing and they’ve been act­ing pret­ty nor­mal ever since. Here they are, act­ing pret­ty normal.
More good news! We plant­ed our first seeds of Spring today!! My mom and I set up a lit­tle grow light A‑frame in Dav­e’s wood shop, which is right next to the greenhouse.

The seeds are all plant­ed in six-cell flats or small plas­tic pots, and then placed in per­fo­rat­ed trays for easy water­ing. They are also heat­ed from under­neath by heat­ing trays and cov­ered by plas­tic tops so they will stay warm even though it’s still cold around here.

As you can see, there’s not very much going on yet, but it’s excit­ing! Today, we plant­ed flow­ers (asters, cal­en­du­la and sweet peas) as well as cilantro and pars­ley. These are the plants that require the most ger­mi­na­tion and indoor grow­ing time before being trans­plant­ed out­side. It’s still pret­ty ear­ly for us to be start­ing most seedlings, espe­cial­ly since we’re not sure when things are going to be able to go into the ground out­side yet, but next week it’s going to be time to start the leeks and by the begin­ning of April things will real­ly be get­ting going. And thanks to a lot of rain, the crusty, dirty snow piles are start­ing to recede, so it real­ly does feel like Spring might actu­al­ly be coming…
Until then, how­ev­er, here’s some more pic­tures of the greenhouse:
The let­tuce, swiss chard and kale is all doing great, and we’ve set up a lit­tle work­sta­tion with dirt (the mix we used today was half Hap­py Frog Pot­ting Soil and half peat moss) and an area for planting.

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