About Our Meat

All our ani­mals are raised on pas­ture, are fed organic grain, and are antibi­otic and hor­mone free. We move all the ani­mals reg­u­larly, using a tech­nique called “inten­sive rota­tional graz­ing”. This prac­tice guar­an­tees that the pas­tures are fully and con­sis­tently grazed, as well as insures that the ani­mals don’t graze too long over their own manure, thereby con­trol­ling par­a­sites. Inten­sive rota­tional graz­ing is made pos­si­ble by the use of light-weight portable elec­tric net fenc­ing, which we buy from Wellscroft Fenc­ing in New Hampshire.



We raise our Free­dom Ranger meat birds on pas­ture in “chicken trac­tors”, which are open bot­tom struc­tures on wheels that are moved daily to pro­vide the chick­ens with fresh pas­ture. They are fed Green Moun­tain Organic Broiler Grower Crumbles.


Our pigs are raised on pas­ture and in the woods, where they are free to root and for­age. In addi­tion, we feed them Green Moun­tain Organic Pig Feed and whey, a cheese byprod­uct from a local cheese­maker, Nob­scot Arti­san Cheese based out of East­leigh Farm in Fram­ing­ham, MA. Our pigs are a mix of dif­fer­ent her­itage breeds, pri­mar­ily a Berkshire-Tamworth cross.


Our sheep are 100% pas­ture raised (with the addi­tion of a lit­tle bit of Green Moun­tain Organic Sheep Pel­lets for the ewes before and after lamb­ing). They live behind elec­tric portable fenc­ing with shel­ter for shade and against the ele­ments. This year we added a guard llama, Dia­mond, to the flock to pro­tect them against coy­otes and other preda­tors. We have Rom­ney and Cheviot ewes, both of which were bred with a Finn ram to birth our lambs for this year.