Buy Pork and Lamb

  Pork and Lamb are SOLD OUT for the season!

There will be a lim­ited quan­tity of cuts for sale this fall.  Make sure you are on our mail­ing list to receive updates.

Whole/Half Pigs and Lambs

  • In the fall, we will take our pigs and lambs to Adams Farm in Athol, MA to be processed and butchered. BBF Grow­ers will pay for the slaugh­ter and pro­cess­ing fee. After slaugh­ter, the ani­mal is weighed (this is called the “dressed” or “hang­ing” weight), and the cost will be cal­cu­lated using this num­ber. You will pay for any butcher­ing, pack­ag­ing, and smok­ing fees. The weight in cuts that you receive will be around 25% less than the dressed weight, but varies depend­ing on the ani­mal and the cut­ting directions.
  • Cut­ting: If you order a whole ani­mal, you will be able to spec­ify your own cut­ting direc­tions. If you order a half ani­mal, we will fill out the cut­ting direc­tions for you, but will do our best to cater to your indi­vid­ual pref­er­ences. For whole ani­mals, you can choose to have your meat cut and white wrapped (+$70 for pigs; $.75/lb for lamb) OR cut and vac­uum sealed (+$120 for pigs; $.95/lb for lamb). For a half ani­mal, you will pay half this cost.
  • Smok­ing: If you choose to have Adams Farm smoke bacon/pork belly, hocks, hams, etc., there is an addi­tional cost of $1.65/lb.
  • Price: The final cost of your ani­mal, due at time of pickup, will be cal­cu­lated in the fol­low­ing way: (Dressed Weight * Price/lb.) + Cutting/Packaging Fee (optional) + Smok­ing Fee (optional) — Deposit
  • We will let you know (by email) one week before your meat will be ready for pickup and ask that you please arrive promptly. All cut meat will be frozen (make sure you have your freezer space ready).
  • If you have any ques­tions, please ASK!