Buy Pork and Lamb

  Pork and Lamb are SOLD OUT for the season!

There will be a limited quantity of cuts for sale this fall.  Make sure you are on our mailing list to receive updates.

Whole/Half Pigs and Lambs

  • In the fall, we will take our pigs and lambs to Adams Farm in Athol, MA to be processed and butchered. BBF Grow­ers will pay for the slaugh­ter and pro­cess­ing fee. After slaugh­ter, the ani­mal is weighed (this is called the “dressed” or “hang­ing” weight), and the cost will be cal­cu­lat­ed using this num­ber. You will pay for any butcher­ing, pack­ag­ing, and smok­ing fees. The weight in cuts that you receive will be around 25% less than the dressed weight, but varies depend­ing on the ani­mal and the cut­ting directions.
  • Cut­ting: If you order a whole ani­mal, you will be able to spec­i­fy your own cut­ting direc­tions. If you order a half ani­mal, we will fill out the cut­ting direc­tions for you, but will do our best to cater to your indi­vid­ual pref­er­ences. For whole ani­mals, you can choose to have your meat cut and white wrapped (+$70 for pigs; $.75/lb for lamb) OR cut and vac­u­um sealed (+$120 for pigs; $.95/lb for lamb). For a half ani­mal, you will pay half this cost.
  • Smok­ing: If you choose to have Adams Farm smoke bacon/pork bel­ly, hocks, hams, etc., there is an addi­tion­al cost of $1.65/lb.
  • Price: The final cost of your ani­mal, due at time of pick­up, will be cal­cu­lat­ed in the fol­low­ing way: (Dressed Weight * Price/lb.) + Cutting/Packaging Fee (option­al) + Smok­ing Fee (option­al) — Deposit
  • We will let you know (by email) one week before your meat will be ready for pick­up and ask that you please arrive prompt­ly. All cut meat will be frozen (make sure you have your freez­er space ready).
  • If you have any ques­tions, please ASK!