New Meat Bird Chicks!!!

Cor­nish X Rocks born April 16, 2011

This lit­tle guy has a bum leg so we’ve put him in his own apart­ment so he’ll be safe from all the other chicks run­ning over him and peck­ing at him, and so he doesn’t have to com­pete for water or food.
We decided to give him a wall of car­pen­ter clothe, how­ever, so he could still see every­one and wouldn’t be too lonely. He seems to been eat­ing and drink­ing water, and we’re hop­ing that with time his leg will get stronger.

2 Responses to “New Meat Bird Chicks!!!”

  1. who was here says:

    >Don’t you know you are vio­lat­ing the rules of nat­ural selec­tion!? This is why chick­ens are born weak, to die at the hands of their broth­ers and sis­ters, so they can all learn a taste for blood, but, most impor­tantly, a taste for racial purity!

    Your naivete dis­gusts and astounds. This is how we get the fat, corn feed eat­ing latte sip­ping mixed raced losers of 21st cen­tury America.

    And don’t even get me started on Mex­i­can Game Hens!

  2. happyguy says:

    >Wow! Are you sit­ting in your mother’s base­ment in your under­wear look­ing for some­thing to respond to with your dri­vel. If nat­ural selec­tion were real, there is lit­tle doubt in my mind that weak lit­tle peo­ple like you would already have been culled.

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